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About Us

"Finding every place, in one place….Sikhplace"

Who We Are

We are an online platform for everyone (Sikhs and Non-Sikhs) that promotes and advertises Companies, Professionals, Organisations and Charities.

Sikhs believe in oneness (of the entire human race) and have an inclusive mindset. Using this same concept, we at Sikhplace have made our platform available for every person from any religion, creed or colour. We promote companies from Sikhs and Non-Sikhs backgrounds who share the same values of transparency, honesty and respect for others. We want to promote people, professionals and organisations who share a similar mindset of oneness and humanity.

There are different areas on our platform which include:

  • Business/Companies – Advertising Businesses and Companies which can be found directly using our search feature.
  • Organisations – Sharing a directory of Organisations including (Sikhi, mental health organisations, martial arts, Charities and Sikh Societies)
  • Charities – Sharing a directory of Charities.
  • Articles – Sharing a variety of articles including short reflective posts, articles regarding people’s personal lives and lifestyle articles regarding health and mental health.
  • Community page – Sharing local community information through posters of programmes, events and Business.
  • Gurdwara’s – Sharing a list of all the Gurdwara’s worldwide and their contact details.
  • Entrepreneurship/Mentorship – Sharing basic Entrepreneur information and connecting Sikh Graduates with Sikh Professionals through our Mentoring Scheme.
  • Media – Creating a platform where Media such as rap, poetry, pictures, music and art can be shared.


The Concept

Sikhs believe in the concept of Oneness (Ik). The Oneness runs through each of us and there is nothing that separates us despite someone’s status, creed, religion or colour as we are all the same underneath. Therefore Sikhs work and think with an inclusive mindset which does not exclude anyone. At Sikhplace we use this same concept to work together to build a sense of community and connection by supporting local and international businesses on our platform. Anyone is welcome to join us regardless of your background.


Our Mission

Our mission is to make a difference to your local community. We cannot do this physically in every local community therefore our mission is to make the difference to your local community by our online services which will include businesses, services and charities that are local to you. The service will work with cooperation and interaction from the public therefore we urge you to get in touch to promote a Business, Professional, Services or Charity in your local area.

Sikhplace are committed to promoting and advertising Businesses, Professionals and Charities that share the values of making a difference to others and being honest and transparent in their approach and service. We are also committed to providing an interactive platform for customers with our search function and our star rating system to ensure the quality of businesses are maintained and reviewed. We want to promote positive wellbeing and help educate others about various health issues by sharing articles from a variety of members of the community. Their articles will help provide us understanding and a new perspective.


Our Vision

Our vision at Sikhplace is to be a major platform for ethical businesses that practice good business values. This will be accomplished by promoting these businesses and by networking and understanding their aims and values whilst also understanding our customers needs. Our aim also includes building a better community through our articles which can help us all improve our understanding towards others and the difficulties they face.

Each of us has a role to play when working towards building a stronger community, this may be financially, emotionally, mentally or spiritually. Therefore our platform is much more then a business directory, but more of a way to connect to others through business, sharing information or contributing towards articles.


Why Use Our Service?

One of the most biggest issues for Businesses and Professionals is standing out from every other company. Having your own website is now very popular but it can still be difficult to tell people where you are, as not enough people may see your website or service.

Many Businesses and Professionals understand this challenge they face, therefore they use advertising or marketing to help promote their business or service. One of the most popular ways to gain new customers and reach a larger audience is by having an online presence. At Sikhplace we have an established presence and an ever-growing network and list of visitors from all over the world. The range of segments on our platform also ensures we have a variety of visitors with all interested including those who are searching for businesses or services. The world of marketing is constantly changing and it is essential to adapt or it can easily leave you behind. We will help you to:


  • Reach a larger customer group for your business.
  • Ensure you have an online presence that is being seen by lots of people locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Build a long term customer base and network.
  • Support your local business that works ethically.
  • You can also donate to charities that are helping many others from all religions.