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Basics of Sikhi

A Charity that teaches more about Sikhi through YouTube videos. If you would like to know more about Sikhi or have questions about it check out the Basics of Sikhi YouTube channel where English explanations are given about all aspects of Sikhi.

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Sikh 2 Inspire

A Sikh organisation that teaches more about Sikhi through Gurbani by using Kathas (discourse) and Camps. Different topics are chosen in each Katha and questions are also answered.

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My Simran.Info

Mysimran.info is dedicated to helping you to achieve the purpose of your life: meeting God while you are alive. Through information, posts and YouTube videos.

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Nanak Naam

A charity that discusses Sikhi through a psychological approach using YouTube to explain Gurbani (The Gurus Words) and exploring appliaction of Sikhi in everyday life.

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Share Charity UK

Share Charity UK is a non for profit organisation which shares Sikh History, Religious Education and Sikh Spirituality. The Share Charity UK website has some wonderful information and downloadable leaflets.

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Sikh Family Life

Sikh Family Life is a platform that explores Sikhi through the eyes of a Parent. There are wonderful articles, YouTube videos and information explaining how to apply Sikhi to everyday tasks and situations.

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Little Sikhs

Little Sikhs is a useful place for children to learn about Sikhi through creative ways. Little Sikhs promote and carry-on Sikh traditions, culture and religion through creative artwork, engaging educational materials and interactive learning experiences. You can download colouring books, resources and purchase books.

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Sikh Your Mind

Sikh Your Mind is a charity which focuses on raising awareness of Mental Health within the Sikh Community. They have a wonderful website with more information and mental health resources.

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Sikh Forgiveness 

A not-for-profit organisation, inspiring to change the stigma surrounding Mental Health in the BME communities. To educate communities, train Mental Health First Aiders and build support groups/workshops for mental health sufferers.

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TarakĪ was founded in October 2017 by Shuranjeet Singh after his personal experience with mental ill-health as a student. TarakĪ is a Punjabi word signifying  the state of being progressive and looking to a better future. TarakĪ works alongside Punjabi communities to reshape approaches to mental health, individually and collectively

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Sikh Help Line

The Sikh Helpline (SHL) is a registered charity and works independently according to its own policies and mission statement. The helpline offers a free and confidential helpline service to those in need, regardless of their religion.

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Counselling Issues Direct

Counselling Issues Direct is a counselling service based in East London that has been established for many years. They specialise in one to one confidential counselling for a variety of issues, such as domestic violence, depression, life goals, health concerns, relationship issues and many more. You can view their website for more information.

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Dr Darshan Kaur

Dr Darshan Kaur is a Clinical Psychologist and works with a wide range of emotional issues including depression, anxiety (social anxiety, GAD, health anxiety, panic, OCD, PTSD, Phobias), relationship issues, work issues, bullying and self-esteem issues. For more information you can visit the website below.

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Dr Kaur Therapy

Dr Gurpreet Kaur is a Chartered Clinical Psychologist who has been working in the NHS since 2001. Dr Kaur has worked with a number of clients from all ages and backgrounds and provides private therapy sessions. You can view more information on her website.

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Sikh Elders

Sikh Elders is a branch of Touchstone which is a Charity in Leeds UK. Sikh Elders offers services for Sikh or Punjabi speaking elders 55+ in the Leeds area. This includes Social activities, group events, poetry and literature, events and day trips, volunteering and befriending and many more activities. Visit the social media links below for more information.

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Sikh Recovery Network

Sikh Recovery Network is a helpline based service that can support Sikhs and Punjabi’s with alcohol or drugs misuse issues. The service is based in Derby and also has alcohol and substance misuse recovery meetings, one to one services, peer mentoring, personal development and health and fitness workshops. If you require support please visit the website for more information or contact 03330064414.

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Your Seva

Your Seva is a UK based charity that supports families in India (Punjab) with monthly food supplies, rebuilding broken homes, providing medical support (from surgery to complex operations) and providing monthly pension for severely impoverished families. All donations are 100% and all the Seva provided is from the Sangat’s donations and volunteers. There are opportunities to support Your Seva by donating financially to help less privilegaed families experiencing hardships, donating time to visit the families in Punjab and showing them that somebody still cares or by donating your time to volunteer with Your Seva. Visit the social media and website links below for further information and watch the Youtube Appeal to learn more.

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Khalsa Aid

Khalsa Aid is an international non-profit aid and relief organisation founded on Sikh principles. Khalsa Aid has provided relief assistance to victims of disasters, wars, and other events around the world. Check out some of the amazing Seva (selfless support) by volunteers on the social media pages and please support the charity.

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Khalsa Seva

Khalsa Seva is a non profit making organisation with the mission statement ‘lifting the vulnerable out of poverty. Khalsa Seva supports young children in India to be housed, fed and taken care of when they have no one else. Visit the social media pages to learn more about Khalsa Seva.

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JSR Martial Arts Centre

A centre created for the Sikh Sangat at the Ramgarhia Gurdwara Sikh Community Centre in Slough. This can range from practice to classes. If you are interested for more information please visit their social media.

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Baba Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara

Babe Fateh Singh Gatka Akhara is a UK based academy in Hounslow. Many shows are performed in many cities at Smagams and Nagar Kirtans. Visit the social media pages for more information.

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Shaheedi Faujan Gatka Akhara

Established in 2015 Shaheedi Faujan Gatka Akhara is an Australian based Gatka academy which teaches the Sikh martial arts of weaponry. You can find more information on the social media pages and website.

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